Drimote enables the driver to control the truck from outside the cabin by using a remote control. The following functions can be controlled with the remote: engine start/stop, throttle, braking, gear selection, beacon lights, work lights and steering. All functions are performed by Volvo BB-CAN. Thanks to Volvo Dynamic Steering with EXSTER. By digital displays on the remote the driver is informed about vehicle status and warnings.




Steering has two steering modes. Mode 1 is where the steering speed in proportionally controlled by the lever for steering. When the lever is released to neutral position steering stops and holds it's position so the steering angle remains where steering command has stopped. Mode 2 is where we use 'follow my lever' in this mode the steering angle is depending in lever stroke, this means that the steering angle will change according to the lever stroke. When the lever is released to neutral position the steering angle will follow so to neutral e.a. straight out position.



Drimote is equipped with extensive passive safety features. These functions include: Stop buttons mounted near the rear fenders on both sides of the truck and a stop button on  the remote. When these stop buttons are actuated the parkbrake is applied by BB-CAN and the redundant pneumatic brake is activated that is connected to the Volvo air pressure modulator. Besides stop buttons a second ECU is used to check operation of the main Drimote ECU. Throttle position displayed on BB-CAN is compared to throttle command send out by Drimote ECU and braking action is checked. Acceleration and deceleration levels are monitored too. If the second ECU notices abnormal control it will activate the redundant pneumatic brake.


The front of the truck is equipped with a LiDAR object detection sensor. This sensor monitors the front of the truck and applies the brakes when an object or person is detected. When needed this sensor can be temporarily overruled, this enables the operator to drive the truck to close proximity to objects, closer than one meter. When the LiDAR sensor detects an object this is displayed on the remote.

The truck needs to be equipped with:


VDS (variant ACTST-TO)

Volvo dynamic steering system


EBS (variant BSYS-EBS)



Four relay mounting positions in BBEC

AUX1 or AUX2 available

Available BBCHAS connector B1

With Drimote, working with trucks has never been more efficient. The driver has a better overview, because he or she can move him/herself around the vehicle. Because you can move the vehicle from a distance, it's no longer necessary to climb into the cabin for several times to move the vehicle. This saves a lot of time.


'This is the best system we had within our company!' - MSL


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